Best Yoga Music

Where the sonic mastery of DJ culture meets the illuminated sensibilities of the yoga lifestyle.

About Yogi TunesOur mission at YogiTunes is to provide top quality sound tracks for yoga and other healthy lifestyle activities. One of the benefits of this mission is that YogiTunes is becoming a global hub for musicians, DJ’s, yoga teachers and other wellness practitioners, who all share a passion for music that deepens any practice, no matter it’s form.

YogiTunes offers fans a huge library of hand-picked music from all over the world. Once YogiTunes has secured the rights it is then handed over to a roster of highly talented and trained DJ’s. To be a YogiTunes DJ means you’re actively touring yoga studios, festivals and other yoga/music inspired events, and have spent many hours honing your listening, selection and sequencing skills. Our DJ’s sort through a tremendous amount of music so that YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

This is the YogiTunes specialty – the power of the DJ. They ‘mine the gold’ for you, and then sequence the flow of music to enhance and deepen your experience, whatever your activity might be.

YogiTunes was created to help support the culture of yoga and music. From teachers to students, classes to festivals – yoga has become a mainstream lifestyle component and music is an essential part of the experience. If you want to find out who the latest kirtan artists are, where they’re playing, or what that funky beat you heard in class was, YogiTunes is your destination. Enjoy our streaming app where music discovery is so fun you just want to keep coming back for more. Why? Because we have really passionate people who love music and yoga, poring over content, picking only the best, so that you can enjoy the sonic fruits!

You can also be your own DJ, make playlists from thousands of hand-picked albums, stream unlimited songs from any device, any time (no internet connection required), and hopefully be the funkiest yogi on the block!



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