Making yoga accessible, for everyone! An interview with Wellnest founder Eron Zehavi


“Your yoga is always changing. It’s more then just your level of experience, but rather it incorporates how you are holistically in that present moment – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.” First things first, tell us a little bit about your service and where you got this modern idea? To know our service, it’s important to first know Our Purpose. The Mission of Wellnest is to cultivate a healthy, compassionate, and joyful world through community engagement, mindful living, and the practice of yoga and other healing arts. Coming from this place, we created an app-based marketplace to easily and affordably …

Tech Review: Mophie Juice Pack H2PRO

by Andrew Ross Collins Here at YogiTunes we love well designed and useful tech – who doesn’t ? This month we’re featuring Mophie’s excellent Juice Pack H2PRO, which combines a waterproof case and additional charging for your iPhone.  We all know someone who has lost a phone to water exposure; phones and water usually don’t do too well together, and it can be an expensive mistake.  No more breaking out the bags of rice and hoping that you can somehow wind back the clock and recover your phone from a watery demise.    Running out of battery is more commonplace, …

The Refinement of Mobile

Thanks to some amazing feedback and input from our beloved subscribers, the YogiTunes mobile app has become much more refined. This post is going to explore some of the improvements, fixes and upgrades we’ve been working on! Navigation is now always visible, making it easier than ever to get around the app. The home page has had a major revision. ‘Our Playlists’ is the first section, where you can browse by Gentle Yoga, Flow Yoga and Massage Playlists. Or ‘Create Your Own’ using our hand-picked categories of Opening, Building, Peak, Cool Down and Savasana playlists and albums.