Can I Make My Own Playlists?

Yes!  We’ve built a really simple playlist editor in both the web and mobile versions of our app.  For mobile, click the 3-dot symbol next to any song in order to add it to a playlist.  You will then have the option to create a new playlist or add it to an existing one. For web, check out this quick tutorial on how to do it:

I don’t want to stream because of interruptions during class

Not a problem!  Our ‘offline playback’ mode is a feature that solves this problem.  Simply save any music you want to your mobile device before class (especially while on WiFi), and then once your music is completely saved (or ‘synced’) to your device then you can turn on Airplane mode and still be able to play our music. Below is a screenshot of the button you want to look for that saves music to your mobile device for you. Then simply follow the prompts to learn how to access your ‘offline’ music.  (Offline music = music that’s been saved or …

Can I Stream Music on My Tablet or Smart Phone?

Yes you can.  Currently however we only have the Apple mobile app available.  The Android version should be ready in a few months.  Just goto to download the latest version of our app.  It’s compatible on all iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch devices. Please note that if you are a download customer you must first purchase and download songs to your laptop/desktop computer, then add to iTunes (or similar music player) and sync your mobile device so that the music copies over.  Apple mobile devices do not allow purchasing of music from non-Apple sources directly onto an Apple mobile …

My Streaming is Stopping and Starting / Skipping. What can I do about this?

Oftentimes a Slow Internet connection can cause this as some of our mix files are large and can take awhile to load into the player. This is why we offer a Feature called Offline Sync that helps mitigate this issue however. While on good Internet you can Sync up some Playlists / Mixes and then have them Available for Playback at a later date regardless of Internet connectivity! Below is a Screenshot that shows that feature if you want to give it a shot. Also, Playlists may have up to a 10 second gap of silence in between tracks as …

What Format are the Purchased Songs in?

All our Songs are in 320kbps MP3 Format.  This is the highest quality type of Mp3 file available.  In some cases we also may have lossless options for you Audiophiles. Please inquire individually in those cases by contacting  

I want to Purchase an Individual Track from an Album or Mix. How do I do that?

Option 1: With the Album/Mix open on your screen, hover over the Track you would like to Purchase. You will see some Dots ‘…’ appear to the far right. Click on the Dots and there is an Option to Buy that Track individually. Option 2: Make a playlist of individual tracks you’re interested in then buy the playlist.  

Can I Download my Purchased music to my Laptop or Mobile device?

Oh sure! Downloads from us will come in the form of what’s called a ZIP file.  This is a common and handy format for sending large files quickly over the internet. Once the ZIP file has downloaded, simply open it up or UNZIP it and you will find a folder inside with your mp3’s in it. Drag and drop the mp3’s from the folder into a new playlist in iTunes, then sync iTunes to your mobile device.

As a Paid Subscriber do I still have to Pay for Downloads?

Yes.  None of our Plans include Free Downloading at this Time. What your Paid Subscription gets you is Unlimited Add-Free Streaming of our Entire Library. You also get the option to use Offline Sync which is kind of like downloading just that it is all done through our mobile App.