Free Music

We love giving away free music!

It’s our way of saying thank you for putting YogiTunes on the mat.

Yoga at Beloved 2017

YogiTunes ‘Yoga At Beloved’ Giveaway

This mix is the perfect accompaniment to your reflective – yet uplifting – fall practice!

Yoga at Beloved mix by Interchill starts off gently and melodically, building into a gentle peak before settling into a delicious, contemplative audio space.

Thanks to all the artists involved, to everyone at Beloved and to YOU.

YogiTunes Sampler : Full Bloom Yoga Music

This is a vibrant playlist of some of our favorite artists for some summertime magic, with the intention to stoke your inspiration.

YogiTunes Sampler : Music is Our Medicine

Download an exquisite mix featuring a hand picked selection of some hot new tracks!

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