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Is your studio consistently searching for a quick and easy way to play soulful, entrancing, or empowering tunes in your space?

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Create the atmosphere you wish to share with your community, by joining ours

Your subscription features unlimited streaming and playlists for every mood from vigorous vinyasa to soothing yin, and also gives you the option to easily curate your own playlists for any activity… on or off the mat

Music is one of life’s sweetest gifts. Let us help you create the ideal soundscape for your yogis using our expertly curated catalogue of brilliant artistry – from kirtan to upbeat yoga grooves, we’ve got you covered… for a fraction of the cost of
performance rights

*savings will vary depending on how much you currently pay for performance rights*

Feel as good as you sound

Our community includes our artists, and we want them to feel that! That’s why YogiTunes PRO ensures that the public performance fees you pay directly benefit the folks who put their heart and soul into their work. Just another way to make sure you feel as good as your soundtrack sounds!

Want to know why YogiTunes Studio is a solid investment?

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    Saves You Money

    YogiTunes PRO subscription is a fraction of the cost of licensing fees

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    Expertly Curated

    Mixes and playlists for every activity and mood

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    Personal Playlists

    Easy playlists creation so you can customize the sounds of your class

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    The Most Music

    The largest and highest quality selection of yoga music available today

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    Feel Great

    Know that artists are appropriately compensated for their incredible work

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    Shared Royalties

    With YogiTunes PRO we take great care to ensure artists get paid their fair share of revenue for commercial use and public performances

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    Unlimited Users

    Access to an unlimited number of teachers per studio account, so everyone in your studio can enjoy the beauty that is profoundly exceptional music simultaneously

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    Always Available

    Web & full-feature mobile app including offline streaming

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    Speedy Support

    Immediate support in times of musical scarcity or crisis. You can reach out to us any time!


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  • The best place for music lovers to discover an amazing array of music for yoga, dance, meditation, massage and other joysWANDERLUST YOGA & MUSIC FESTIVAL
  • These tunes will unify body and mind for beginner and master alikeMARIE CLAIRE MAGAZINE
  • No practice studio, whether home or health club, should be without this wonderful musicYOGITIMES MAGAZINE
  • I am simply thrilled for this! I teach all over the world and it’s so challenging for me to keep up with generating playlists. I want to focus on what I do best and utilize this great service that is a compilation of what other people do best!SIANNA SHERMAN
  • Wow – better than ever!… the music is somewhat familiar… the mix is fresh and new. Thank you!SANNE EICHINGER
  • I immediately signed up for the yearly subscription. I can’t tell you how much your music inspires me and feeds my soul … you are wonderful, and thank you for providing music that I can share with my students.JACKIE (YOGITUNES SUBSCRIBER)
  • I played the “Heaven’s Earth” mix in my 90 minute gentle class today. It was wonderful. The energy flowed beautifully. And I didn’t have to spend time making a playlist!ALISON (YOGITUNES SUBSCRIBER)
  • Yogitunes is by far the greatest library of yoga music that exists on the internet. It is unrivalled in the quality of its artists, the variety of beautiful music and the ease of navigation.DAVID PROCYSHYN, Founder of DoYogaWithMe.com



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