Team YogiTunes

Alex King-Harris | Team Captain

As CEO and Founder of YogiTunes I have my hands in just about everything except for code. (Although I’ve been known to bust out some HTML from time to time) It’s a joyous task that includes working directly with my AMAZING team, but also with a wide array of musicians, yogis, business experts and service providers. It means devoting countless hours in service of a dream that there is a way to create a thriving ecosystem for musicians who resonate with the values and principles found within the ocean of yoga. It also means listening to and curating a boat load of music! I’ve always been deeply moved by the power of music, the good news is after listening to millions and millions of songs with a highly critical ear, nothing has changed.

Outside of YogiTunes I’m a professional musician with 3 solo albums and multiple releases in collaboration with Desert Dwellers and Shamans Dream and have spent the last 15 years touring extensively throughout North America. I have a BA in Jazz, with a Minor in Classical and Ethnic Music studies from Vancouver Island University. I was a competitive gymnast as a kid and found yoga in my early twenties shortly after nearly dying in a car accident. Another huge passion for me is mentoring youth, rites of passage for both men and boys and working in restorative justice for young offenders in the criminal system and helping families learn how to parent in a style that is more contemporary based on today’s challenges. I’m also passionate about addiction recovery and actively work in education inspiring people to live substance free if they are struggling with self-abuse in any way.

Phoenix Taredi | Operations Mastermind

Handling all the day to day activities of a fast growing startup is what fills my heart with joy! Keeping a steady finger on the pulse of this great adventure we call YogiTunes is my purpose with the company. I monitor everything from Customer Service and Artist Relations to Cash Flow and Financials. My World is Projects and Spreadsheets, spreadsheets to track projects, and notes to remind me of yet more facets of Operations. Working closely with my devilishly clever team to deliver those sweet sweet sounds to our beloved listeners! Checking in with technical development to see where we are at with releasing new and great features, listening to our Customers to find out what they want to hear more of, and taking big picture directives from our amazing CEO!

I am currently residing in Maui, HI though I have traveled all over the world and spent much time in Europe. Poland and its people are especially dear to my heart as I was born and raised there. Aside from yoga and music I LOVE Dance! It is one of my passions as a pure channel of light, bringing down those high frequencies of love to the Earth plane. I am a healer, teacher, student, lover, architect, intuitive and problem solver. When I am not dancing (with or without fire), I enjoy soccer, rock climbing and strategy gaming of just about any kind. I am a technical minded person, driven to seek out of the box solutions, as well as finding new ways to create ease in the human – machine connection. I have a gift working with the subtle energies of technology as well as the interactive skills to help people happily interface with their tech. Feet in both worlds, I create bridges.

Bronwen Coulthard | Copy Creatrix

I like to hang around behind the scenes and play with messaging and marketing! You’ll find my voice in the intercom messaging you receive on the site and the emails in your inbox. You might also catch me building the newsletters and chatting with members of our community who have new and exciting tunes or news to share! When I’m not making magic with the YogiTunes crew, I work as a marketing consultant for HowCreative, Inc. where I put my ninja skills to work to help small businesses grow and flourish.

I’m a Nova Scotia native, but these days I’m enjoying the west coast life in Victoria, BC. After throwing my whole life in storage and touring around South East Asia for a year I got myself here on my very last pennies, only to find a temperate rainforest paradise! Music, travel, hiking, rock climbing and contemplating the complexities of human existence and interaction are my recipe for joy. I’m at my absolute happiest when I’m able to breathe deep and enjoy one of the many beauties of this earth (nature, people, consciousness)… whilst drinking copious amounts of coffee! Working with this team of like-minded and ever-talented gentlemen brings me more joy than I can possibly express, and I find myself feeling grateful for these folks every day! See you around the catalogue!

Andrew Ross Collins | Business Strategy, Content + A&R

I recently joined the YogiTunes team after a number of years as a YogiTunes dj and have worked with YogiTunes since the early days through supplying music from my label Interchill Records. I work closely with Alex on marketing, strategy and new business opportunities as well as on the music side of things – which covers anything from listening to demos, being in contact with artists, labels and publishers, to keeping the service refreshed with new releases and quality mixes. Alex and I also collaborate on new mixes and I count myself lucky to have such variety and also to work with such a bunch of talented people.

I started dj’ing 25 years ago in Montreal while studying for a degree in Philosophy and since then has been involved in event production, dj’ing, radio, consulting, music publishing and running a record label. Interchill has released over 50 albums of downtempo music and is known around the world. Based on beautiful Salt Spring Island in BC with my wife Ceridwen and our three kids, I’m active in the local volunteer marine search and rescue station, a keen disc golf player (when I can find the time) and love BC outdoor pursuits like skiing, kayaking and boating. Originally from the UK, I speak French fluently, love to cook and get inspired by great music.

Daniel Staudigel | Master Code Wizard

I manage all of our backend databases, code and platforms. Much of what you see was coded and implemented by me, which also mean that when something breaks it is my job to dive in and fix it. My work goes from high level architectural strategy and design all they way down to detailed and in depth coding. I enjoy finding the simplest and most elegant solutions to our complex infrastructure.

I was born and raised in San Diego California, later graduated from University of California in Santa Barbara. I am now happily married and living in Bend, OR. I am an avid tri athlete, enjoying mountain climbing, biking, swimming and gymnastics. See you on the trail!

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